Great Canal Journeys returns to our screens

Great Canal Journeys: Series 2

This Sunday 15 March at 8pm, the second series of Timothy West and Prunella Scales’ popular ‘Great Canal Journeys’ begins on Channel 4.

Last year, to mark their golden wedding anniversary, the self-confessed ‘canal nuts’ decided to let the world in on their secret and were filmed pootling around some of England’s 2,000 miles of waterway for a television series.

It proved to be an entirely charming insight not just into their unexpected hobby, but also their longstanding love affair – so charming, in fact, that they have returned for more.

This time the couple are filmed undertaking four new journeys, the first of them along the Oxford Canal (aboard an Anglo Welsh boat), where they took their very first boating holiday as a family with sons Sam and Joseph nearly 40 years ago.

When recently interviewed about the new series, Pru said to the Daily Mail: “It feels like only yesterday that our two boys were running up and down the towpath opening and shutting locks then at the end of the day flopping exhausted onto their bunks.”

Their elder son, the actor Sam West, also a narrowboat holiday enthusiast, joins them for part of the Oxford Canal journey and they also meet up with the author Philip Pullman along the way.

The second episode (22 March) will see them travel through London by canal, for the third they will be in France (29 March) and for the fourth and final episode, Scotland (5 April).

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